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About Us

The Celluloid Crest was established to facilitate intimate real-time interaction between production companies, and to encourage "dialogue"  on line between producers, screenwriters, directors, actors, and others in the industry. However,  only production entities are allowed in the member area. Any member of your company may use the member area, provided they have the user-name and password.

Private discussion among associates is often hampered by time and distance. At the Celluloid Crest we have eliminated that problem. Chat in our private chat room,. or on private Pal Talk --using voice and txt, and video if you wish. This requires that you download a very small program from

And this is the place to track scripts in "Real-time" on the private message board or in the private chat room. Or, find a project on the public message board.

Join chats in the Public Chat room--which you may use anonymously-- to interact with other filmmakers and screenwriters. Find out what they are "saying" about the industry, and let them know your views.

Join the Celluloid Crest e-mail discussion list comprised of members and non-members interested in film making, and share your views. Again, you can use a "handle" if you wish to remain anonymous.

Members may always remain anonymous in the chat rooms and on the message boards.

Members may feel free to invite colleagues to join the Celluloid Crest. Simply point them to the application!

We hope you will give us a try and contribute to building a stellar on line community for the film industry.

The information you supply for membership will be kept strictly confidential.