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If you would like to post a log line and brief synopsis please fill out the form below. You will be notified if a producer, agent, or manger has contacted us about your project, and you will be put in touch with the appropriate person.
Only Production companies, Agencies, and Management companies, will be given your contact information upon request. Information will not be given to "indivduals".
We are doing this as a service for screenwriters and will not be involved with any negotiations with producers, nor do we expect a finders fee.
The fee is $20.00 per logline/synopsis joint listing. Your log line and synopsis will remain on site until you request removal, or hopefully your screenplay is optioned or sold!  There is no re-registering after three or six months.
Once log lines and synopses are posted they will not be changed, so take your time!
You will receive a "password" through e-mail to view listings.
You may push the "pay" button before or after you send the form.
Synopsis and log line will not be posted until payment is received.

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