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Dysfunction is the name of the game. Complete, utter, dysfunction. What else can it be when she is still in love with her deceased husband and her husband's best friend is in love with her but doesn't know it because he has a live in girlfriend who drives him insane, and he's comfortable in his insanity filled, dysfunctional, "comfort zone". (Insert breath here)

When they "discover" each other the sexuality of it all is "Nine and a half weeks" meets "Kama Sutra". As she tells her best friend, "He's better than Mickey" and "He wrote the book." But she needs more and so does he. They both need love. Problem is, he can't give it right now and she can't accept it anyway because of her guilt. "Dead men have no eyes."  her best friend tells her. But it is not a dead man or even her "lover" that opens her eyes; it is a writer who unexpectedly comes into her life  bearing nothing more than a spirit of the heart that overwhelms all of her senses. Now she must decide between two men. And her "lover" must decide to step out of his dysfunctional "comfort zone" (or not) before it's too late.

Dysfunction was never this sexy or good!

Written by: Margo Prescott   Contact Author


Polly has been an aspiring screenwriter for six years. Her lover thinks she'll never make a sale, never make it "Hollywood"-- that "it"  will never happen, and frankly neither does she. Then the call comes and Polly is off to LA, leaving behind a desconsolote lover who is certain she will never return, despite her promise to be gone only two weeks. And he's right; she doesn't return in two weeks -- she's going to stay for three months at the behest of her off-the -wall somewhat crazed agent, who has replaced her fading writing star, Harley, with Polly.

Polly finds herself so far out of her element that she decides to return home, until a drunk Harley confronts Polly and demands that she leaves town. No one tells Polly to get out of town. No one tells Polly that she doesn't have what it takes. Polly will be damned if she will give in now. She stays to prove herself to the industry and her lover back home.

Even though she is now in the "place" she's longed for so long, Polly finds that it pales in comparision to the life she had with her lover, a simple man back in the foothills of Virginia. She's ready to give it all up for the man she loves, until he gives something up of his own to show his love for Polly.

Written by: Margo Prescott     Contact Author

SYD & OLLIE (romance/comedy/action. TV series potential)

Log Line:

Syd is a Manhattan literary agency recptionist from Queens.
Ollie is a bounty hunter who lives in the mountains of New York state.
They have nothing in common except the two men trying to kill them.


Syd accepts a "challenge" from her boss to convince a stubborn client to renew his
representation contract. The reward? A raise. No problem for Syd, a gutsy go-get 'em
girl from Queens who can handle anything; anything but Ollie, the stubborn
writer/bounty hunter who lives in the mountains with his dog Shithead.

Getting Ollie to renew his contact seems like a piece of cake when Syd arrives at Ollie's cabin--
that is until Ollie is called away on business for the afternoom and Syd is left alone to hold down
the fort with Shithead, who is jealous and isn't afraid to show her.

But Shithead is the least Syd's problems when she discovers that Dake Sims and his buddy lay
in wait to kill Ollie, the man who years earlier put Dake behind bars . Together, Syd and Ollie
are trapped in the cabin and must fight the forces outside. When Ollie takes a bullet it's up to
Syd and her Queens "Attitude" to eliminate the enemy one on one,  and keep Ollie
 alive and safe.

Written by: Margo Prescott  Contact Author


A charming romantic comedy about a famous Hollywood actor who is dissatisfied with his life and career. He fakes his death, has minor plastic surgery and leaves Los Angeles for a better life.

Written By: William R Slusser  Contact Author


Log line:

A down-on-her luck aspiring singer becomes the prime suspect in the bizarre serial murders of Elvis impersonators.


Hairdresser by day, aspiring singer by night, Patty Michaels is frustrated by
the number of Elvis impersonators on the local music scene. Even worse,
their pathetic routines get them the attention and contest wins that
she's worked so hard for. Something must be done!  And something is...
the Elvi start turning up dead, and wisecracking Dennis Evans,
police detective, soon labels Patty his number one suspect. Working with
his musically talented partner, Rick, the case leads the cops through a
series of hilarious and bizarre encounters. As Dennis works hard to
collar Patty, Rick falls in love with the beleaguered songbird and works just
as hard to prove her innocence.  The question remains until the very
end-who done it? The answer is shocking!

Written by: Kevin S. O'Connor, Debra Brezina    Contact Author


Log Line:

A frustrated writer and an uninspired musician are brought together by an unlikely fairy
godfather in a 21st Century fairy tale of dreams, reality checks, and true love.


Cinderella in the 21st Century…Meet Deborah Hunter-at 30, a burned out waitress and wanna
be writer who's major talent is choosing Mr. Wrong.  A regular "freak magnet" who still
believes in the fairy tales her father told her, everyday life is one struggle after another as
she quests for her big break in the literary world. For everyone, it is said, there is
someone special…Sean O'Hara, a talented guitarist whose inspiration has long evaporated
in the whine of a high maintenance girlfriend and too many gigs dominated by the whims of evil
line dancers. Still, he believes that someday, somewhere…Enter Davey Nesmith, hopelessly lost
in the 70's and still waiting for the Monkees Reunion Tour. Next to the word "clueless" in
the dictionary is a picture of this guy's face. As fate would have it though, Davey is
unwittingly about to play fairy godfather…Every good fairy tale has to have an evil dragon.
Tiffany Hill, Queen of Karaoke, has her sights set on Sean, and she'll stop at nothing or no one
to get him. A woman whose embarrassment gland has been removed fears nothing.  When these
four people encounter each other, world's get rocked and Cupid gives up the bow and arrow for
some heavier ammo.  Will life and leftover childhood illusions be too much to overcome in this
21st century fairy tale of love, frustration and destiny?

Written By: Debra Brezina    Contact Author


Young heiress goes against the wishes of her domineering father, dumps her Fortune 500 fiancé, and marries her old college sweetheart. [Honorable Mention, LA Writer's Network 2001.]

Written By: Mike D. Burns  Contact Author


Log line:   One sexually frustrated playwright. Two plumbers. It's a comedy.


A playwright with a deadline and no third act for her romantic comedy
believes she has writer's block because her fiance, a workaholic plumber, hasn't
wanted sex in three months. Three months, two days and six hours to be exact. When
everything she tries to get a rise out of him backfires, she escapes into
erotic daydreams about a young and sexy Italian stud that blur the lines between
realism and fantasy. But she wants the real thing, and gets it, along with
hilarious complications, when her fantasy lover suddenly materializes one
morning. In the flesh. In her bed. Naked.

(Winner- Long Island Film Festival)

Written by Lauren Peterson    Contact Author


 “A Little Italy” follows a mama’s boy NY Italian bachelor under the pressure of old country values and newly soured relationships. He decides to follow fate to Italy to find the perfect bride, and once there, he learns that home-made was always right around the corner.

Author is represented by Working Artists Agency (Debora Koslowsky)   Contact Author