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SEVEN DAYS TO PARADISE (Family/comedy/drama)

Log line:

 A mentally handicapped man takes his son on a seven-day cross-country trip in order to get him a donor heart.


Johnny Riggerio, a handsome, fun loving seventeen-year-old boy, lives in Brooklyn New York with his Grandmother, Mama Rose and his cousin and best friend Sonny. Sonny is an amiable fifty-year-old man who, although mentally handicapped, has the incredible ability to calculate complex numbers in his head. They all work in Mama Rose's grocery store located in the infamous section of Brooklyn known as Little Italy.

One day, Johnny passes out for no apparent reason and Sonny and Mama Rose rush him to the hospital. They soon discover that Johnny is in desperate need of a donor heart. If he does not find a compatible heart, he will never see his eighteenth birthday. To make matters worse, Johnny has a very rare blood type and finding a compatible donor will be nearly impossible.

Sonny will do anything to save Johnny's life, even at the risk of his own. Sonny discovers a way to save Johnny's life… Sonny has the same blood type as Johnny and this is when Sonny decides to sneak Johnny out of the hospital and take him on a seven-day cross-country trip to a transplant facility in Paradise Utah.

Nether Sonny or Johnny has ever been out of Brooklyn, New York and their trip is filled with many humorous and sometimes dangerous situations. But Sonny never lets Johnny know his true intentions… to kill himself in Paradise in order to save Johnny's life. Johnny is also unaware that Sonny is not really his cousin --- he is his biological father. Sonny was once a brilliant engineer and married to Johnny's mother.  While attempting to save her life during a massive fire inside their apartment, Sonny became brain damaged. But Sonny had managed to save his wife's life long enough for her to deliver her baby son, Johnny. This is when Mama Rose decided to raise them in a way, only she could.

During their trip to Paradise, Johnny finds love in the form of a streetwise young girl named Tara. Johnny and Tara learn many of life's precious lessons from Sonny during their trip and Johnny eventually learns that Sonny is his father. The love and bond between father and son have never been stronger and Sonny protects Johnny at all costs. And if this means sacrificing his life, then Sonny has no regrets.

Join Sonny, Johnny and Tara on a memorable and inspirational seven-day journey to Paradise. It is a trip filled with love, humor, coming of age, inspiration and the power of sacrifice.

Written By: John Pizzo  Contact Author