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Log line:

Two types of killer roam the city streets of Inverness. One, human, kills for fun, the other, not, for food. Eventually they must hunt each other, in the battle for survival.


During the year 1245AD, and the Spanish Inquisition, one man is MIGUEL DE RASBENEK, a Franciscan priest, embarks upon a journey to a side of human nature he has been taught to fear. Fuelled by desires for revenge after the torture, and slaughter of his own family, his thirst for justice leads him to a violent showdown that will leave the Church''s equerry slain upon the steps of the altar, and his assassin doubled up in desperate pain by the ingestion of the otherís blood. Excommunicated, then set upon a pyre, he is buried, without marker, in an unholy place. Three days later he is risen, but an aberration of his former self.

Fleeing from ignorance and persecution, he settles in the Western Highlands of Scotland.
In the year 2002. With its technological advances, high finance, social unrest, and escalating crime, the city has become a world of abject poverty. Amidst a myriad of colour, voices, and truths, the violent head of social disorder spits in the face of public decency, every day. It is a hunting ground for those who seek to control the downtrodden, burdened by a culture of promiscuous sex, and drug abuse. It is a world where prostitutes are the fair maidens, and drug dealers the knights on white chargers.

Festering in the mire is a detective, a member of the Northern Constabulary Special Crime Unit. His name is FRASER MEEKS. A policeman of twenty years standing, he is outwardly an example to all who work with him. But he is a man who hides a terrible secret. The son of abusive and highly religious parents he is a man living in denial; a man who meets out his own special brand of retribution upon the prostitutes and pimps who plague the streets of his beloved city.

With the papers full of the stories of grotesque horrors, and despicable murders, an investigative journalist, AMANDA MILFORD, anxious to build a reputation as a news sleuth, begins to take interest. Discovering that the night harbours two very different killers - one very earthly, a serial killer, and the other not - the journalist is torn between a desire to reveal, and a need to expose.

The paths of the two men are set to converge in one final showdown, as the police cordon closes in on them from different directions. For the one, the persecution, and the wars upon which it is based, is as alive today as it was 800 years before, and he must resist in order to survive. For the other, the torment and abuse of mind, suffered throughout his life, will end.

Written By: Nicholas Lean       Contact Author


Log line:

A ''Celtic'' demon is accidentally released from its earthly tomb, and begins to terrorise a local community, and a young woman that it covets.


On a humid mid-summer afternoon, outside the Oxfordshire village of Weathermere, two young boys playing in a wood, happen upon an old stone marker. The stone, an ancient talisman created by the Gods of Delphi thousands of years ago, contains an evil buried deep below the forest floor. Taken as a souvenir, the boys remain unaware of the terror they are about to release. Following the disappearance of one of the boys, and a police investigation, a team of student archaeologists, from Oxford University, are invited to delve into the mystery of the talisman.

Within the catacombs of a Druidic temple, carved out of the soil in the swamp and filth of the wetlands, the ''Lord of the Grove'', the Ephialtes, waits. Condemned by the Gods to exist forever, without companionship, within the boundaries of the oldest most sacred oak tree, the creature''s desires manifest in more violent behaviour.

Awoken by the encroaching human presence, the Ephialtes hides in the dark and dank corridors of the subterranean prison. After the tomb entrance is breached by the curious archaeologists, the creature makes a desperate and bloody bid for freedom. With its surging desire for vengeance, the beast massacres the team, in a visceral flurry of brutality. Searching for the talisman, and harbouring a lustful longing for the impregnation of a mortal woman to rebuild its kind, the creature pursues one of the young students, Sarah Sullivan.

With the talisman in her possession, and with the help of a sceptical but streetwise policeman, Donovan McKenzie, Sarah attempts to uncover the true nature of the Ephialtes, and
to piece together a way to destroy it. A captive of her own insecurity, and a dark secret, Sarah must confront the fear of her present, in order to rid herself of the past,
in a face to face battle with the nemesis of her dreams.

Written By: Nicholas Lean        Contact Author