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Partially Funded

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Starving Hysterical Naked

Doozy Films
Beatific Productions
- A Michael Bockman Film -

One Sheet

Genre:               Drama
Budget:          $3 million ( 50% already funded)
Time:               90 min.
Format:          35mm color
Period-Locations:     1950's Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco

Cast:               Billy Zane  ("Titanic", "The Believer", "The Phantom")
Lead role: Nick

 Producer:          Soly Haim ("The Woman Chaser")
Writer/Director:     Michael Bockman ("The Haunting of M", Black Heat")
Casting Director:     Rosemary Welden (The Woman Chaser", "The Hi-Line")

Log line:
College friends form the nucleus of the most influential counterculture youth movement
in America.


A close group friends go against the status quo during the 1950's in New York and
San Francisco, and embark upon a thrilling cross-country odyssey that changes their
lives forever.  The story is told by an array of colorful characters in chronological
vignettes that collectively paint a complete picture of their lives and times.

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