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FEVER COUNTRY   (Adventure period drama/true story)
Log line:  They gave their word - and there’s no turning back.


True story: 1891/93 - To keep a promise to a bishop, three hospital nurses take on the wilds of Africa and a new British colony on the brink of war.

Rose Blennerhassett, Lucy Sleeman and Beryl Welby defy the British navy and a Portuguese blockade to walk into history as the first white women to enter untamed Africa by the deadly east coast.
This is the story of their resolute trek across 190 miles of malaria swamps, crocodile-infested rivers, lion country and mountain ranges - much of the time with feet in bandages - their mission, to deliver precious quinine and open a first hospital in a land ravaged by fever.

And it is a story of a love doomed to tragedy in one of colonial Africa’s misguided but nonetheless heroic ‘Alamo-style’ stands against an implacable Matabele enemy, when Lucy’s beau, Captain Henry J. (Harry) Borrow attempts to rescue Major Allan Wilson and his 16-man Shangani Patrol.

Nota bene: the Matabele Rebellion of 1893 was the first time in history the Maxim machine gun was used in anger.

It’s African Queen meets The Alamo.

Written By: William Higham     Contact Author