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LOST IN TIME (romantic adventure)

Log line:

When New York City native Danny Heath, a one time hero turned small time criminal, falls back in time to the American West he find loves and learns that even a hero deserves a second chance.


DANNY HEATH is running for his life. After a scamming a major crime boss, he is chased down a New York street by a mob hit man. Ducking into an American History Museum, Danny finds a hiding place between an old wooden cross and a six foot stone with ancient Indian carvings. The hit man, RANDALL SINCLAIR, discovers Danny’s hiding place. Just as the assassin is about to kill him, he fall into a magical field and is pulled back in time.

Danny lands in the all female town of Brambles, Arizona, circa 1868. Widowed rancher, MILLIE JARRETT and the ladies of Brambles are in desperate need of a sheriff. Danny agrees to take the job seeing it as one last chance to redeem himself. The ladies don’t tell Danny the reason Brambles is populated only by women is because the town’s men were killed in an attempt to rob a nearby gold shipment to save their nearly bankrupt community. The women are hiding a terrible secret as well as a fortune in gold.

Torn between the guilt of her deception and her growing affection for Danny, Millie takes him under her wing and helps him get started in his new job as sheriff. Before long their affection grows into love.
Local outlaws, the CAMERON gang, are planning a hit on an Army shipment of guns that is headed north to help with the Indian wars. The women fear their escape will run right through Brambles. Danny doesn’t know that Sinclair followed him back in time and has taken over as the gang’s leader until he ambushes Danny and Millie. Working together, the two manage to escape and defeat Sinclair.
Because he truly is a hero, Danny knows he and Sinclair cannot stay in the past and takes the assassin back to the future. Danny’s love for Millie is strong enough to pull him back to 1868 where he begins his life anew as the hero he was meant to be.

Written By: Pamela Labud      Contact Author