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--BLACK DENIM (crime-detective-action)
Log Line:
A Seattle private eye is hired by his ex-wife to find out if her new husband is cheating on her. He takes the case out of spite, only to end up risking his life to save hers from something much deadlier than adultery.
 Seattle private investigator Jack Wyatt starts his day by falling off…
he Space Needle.  His day gets worse when he hears from his ex
wife…Jill…she wants to hire him to follow her current husband…Ted.  Days
of tedious surveillance turn up nothing…until Ted has a rendezvous with
the Blonde.  Jack further pursues and finds that he has stumbled into a
federal investigation…FBI warns him off.   Jack goes to the local FBI Office
to confirm with SAIC, Special Agent In Charge, Erskine.  He wants answers.
 He doesn't get it…except that they are NOT involved in such a case…
Erskine suggests to carry on with the scam...the deal goes south.  The real
FBI moves in.  A desperate chase ensues.  Jill is kidnapped.  Ted is
panicing.  Jack is hot.  The bad guys go underground…physically.  
The chase kicks into high gear…on foot…through the catacombs…of
Seattle.  Bittersweet memories…bitter fillings…heart stomping action.  

Written By: Steven Folkes    Contact Author


Log Line:

Dan Cooper, the passenger in seat 18C, of airline Flight 305, has a
small request… $200,000, four parachutes, and a vanishing jump…
into American history.


A fierce storm hits the Pacific Northwest region on the night of November 24, 1971.  Two military jets take to the skies over southwestern Washington State.  Their mission is clear and out of the ordinary…to pursue Flight 305, a skyjacked 727-airplane from Seattle, heading south… with the skyjacker still onboard.  Gusty winds and heavy rain slam the airliner as it flies under conditions far worse than the storm itself, conditions that were made from specific given instructions by the skyjacker… Captain Steve Scott radios Seattle Center Ground that pressure bumps were felt minutes prior… possibly as a result from the skyjacker jumping from the rear staircase.  Scott and his remaining crew try to maintain the rough flight, and their composure, but begin to wonder… if they are really alone.  Advised to make its destination to Reno, Nevada, Flight 305 leaves a legacy behind in a fiery path of sparks…

Earlier that Thanksgiving Eve day, Dan Cooper, dressed in a black suit, raincoat, and sunglasses, walks through Oregon's Portland International Airport.  His motive is clear… to climb aboard Northern Airline's Flight 305.  Once on board and settled, he passes the stewardess a note during take-off.  Sensing that she it being hit on, she places the note in her pocket.  After a moment, Cooper whispers to her… "Miss, I have a bomb!"  Reaching back in her pocket, she reads anything but a phone number… in shock, she makes her way to the cockpit.  Contacting Seattle Center Ground, Captain Scott informs them that Flight 305 is now under control by the passenger sitting in the aft cabin, in seat 18C.  Scott tells them of the skyjacker's demands… $200,000 in cash and four parachutes ready at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport by early evening.  Afterwards, the crew learns quickly that Cooper really does have a bomb-like device… in his carryon briefcase.   The passengers, not knowing of the hijacking in progress, are stuck in the air, as the 45-minute flight from Portland to Seattle becomes a 3-hour ride amongst the stormy clouds…

During that time, Lead FBI Agent Ron Bachman and his team of agents, get called to the Portland International scene.  As they prepare Seattle for the demands of the skyjacker, they wait for any given details about the passenger… Meanwhile in Seattle, Jim Brody, a young reporter, gets his big break from learning about the hijacking.  From that moment on, he is immediately thrust into the media frenzy.  Later that evening, in Seattle, Cooper's demands are met.  He orders Flight 305 to take to the skies and minutes later, he grabs the money, and two of the four parachutes, and jumps out into the stormy weather … vanishing into American history.  The days leading thereafter, Bachman and his team learn very little about Cooper from the few clues left behind.  Adding more frustration to the case, Bachman has to deal with society and the media, who call the skyjacker a hero.  The one question that remains on everyone's mind is…


Written By: Brett Howard Nelson     Contact Author

TIANANMEN (action/drama)

Log Line:

A young Chinese seeks revenge against a communist official who ordered
the execution of his parents, pro-democracy activists imprisoned in China.  
In the process, a beautiful FBI agent inspires his search for and
ultimate understanding of personal freedom.


Newman Zhou gains asylum in America after his parents were beaten
and imprisoned for leading demonstrations at Tiananmen Square in 1989.  
As he grows up, he works tirelessly to free them through political
channels.  When conventional methods fail, he turns to more
desperate means.  

Newman hijacks a bus containing the daughter of a prominent Senator
who can help negotiate with the Chinese government.   The plan seems
to work as his parents are apparently freed, but as soon as he releases
the hostages, the Chinese government seizes his parents and, to add insult
to injury, a visiting Chinese official ruthlessly orders their execution.

Newman escapes from custody with the help of friends and plots his
revenge.  The FBI dispatches a team of agents, including the beautiful
Shelby Martin, who sympathizes with his cause and she finds herself
more than intrigued by him.  

The Chinese government, realizing that Newman is inciting the
freedom movement in China, sends a cunning assassin skilled in the art
of disguise and deception to eliminate Newman and those who harbor him.  

Newman's personal demons of childhood abandonment, guilt and revenge, intertwine with his sense of honor, his vulnerability to love, and his fate, as his quest for freedom plays out in a tense game of intrigue to an unforgettable conclusion.

Written By: Roy J. Tjioe     Contact Author

DOUBLE DEFAULT (inspired by actual events)

Circa 1980. Story of one of the most prolific bank robbers in Florida history, and his female partner, who were controlled by drugs and gambling and intertwining DEA case. [Honorable Mention, LA Writer's Network Competition 2000.

Written By Mike D. Burns  Contact Author


African-American Internal Affairs cop investigates his old partner and a Judge, who's paying to have convicted felons removed from society. Things aren't what they seem in the unusual, twisted ending. (Quarterfinalist, LA Writer's Network Competition 2001.)

Written By: Mike D. Burns    Contact Author

BLACK OPS (Inspired by actual events)

Two CIA military operatives, one American, one German, wreak havoc worldwide, via assassinations, bombings and black bag jobs. Circumstances lead one operative to try and kill his partner

Written By : Mike D. Burns    Contact Author


Top SWAT cop/martial arts instructor, battles his own police department and deranged twin-serial killers from Russian KGB bent on his demise. [Semifinalist, Acclaim TV & Film Competition 2001.]

Written By: Mike D. Burns    Contact Author