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THE SPIRITIC  (sci-fi/fantasy)

Log line:   ''If they can’t destroy it -- they’ll have to outthink it''


A biologist and a diplomat - touched by the galaxian gods - are all that stand in the way of a lethal viral entity’s imminent invasion of the known worlds.

This is the journey of university biologist Rom Voadacea, half-Numorkian (human emigres from 23rd century Earth) and half-Genal (alien tribe of planet Numork, in the Cronal Tura galaxy).  To help her,
fate recruits Kru Sigor, a reclusive former military man, now philosopher and artist. On separate and jeopardous paths, Voadacea and Sigor, with ever-dawning realization of their unfolding destinies, rush towards a fateful rendezvous in a war-torn antipodal star system (the Jupolian galaxy) and a showdown with an ancient blood enemy, Esadov. The clock, as they say - is ticking.

Written by: William Higham    Contact Author

THE ORB (A comedic Adventure/Fantasy)

Log line:

'Gone With the Wind'' meets ''The Flinstones'' meets ''Conan the Barbarian''. Yeah.


It comes. A swirling vortex of destruction that is eating the entire universe. Too many damn heroes have unbalanced everything, and without evil in the world, all is chaos. The last seed must be planted again, and nourished with a hero''s blood, so he better be a big one! What about Petunia The Dragonslayer? He’s bigger than a side of beef, and half as smart! Yeah, he’ll do just fine.

Written By: Christie LeBlanc      Contact Author