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THE VIEWING (Black comedy)
Log line:
The dysfunctional family from hell gathers together to bury Dad.   The Campbell kids are reluctantly returning home to attend their father's funeral, only to discover that they are now responsible for dear old Mom, who's not only mean as a snake, but stone cold crazy.


The Viewing is a dark, edgy comedy about Stu, Warren, and Mary Campbell and their relationship with Rachel, the "Mommy Dearest" of quiet and dignified Richmond, Virginia.   All grown now and living as far away as possible, the kids are informed that their father has died, and they must return home to attend the funeral.

        Upon arrival they learn that Mom's been keeping Dad prisoner in a nursing home in retaliation for having once had her committed to a mental hospital.  She's also cancelled all the carefully made plans for his own funeral in favor of the cheapest one possible, including a "loaner" casket for the viewing being held in the living room.  The up side is that there's coffee and cookies for any visitors who might drop by.  The down side is that their reunion has to take place with Dad's corpse ever present.

        On the day of the funeral the Campbells are over an hour late in arriving.  Why?  Because on the way there they have to pick up the ashes from the funeral home and Mom decides she wants her refund immediately even though it's a Sunday morning.  More problems.. it seems that the defective hole digging machine in the small country cemetery has not left quite enough room for the box of ashes, and a liberal dosing with Quaker State and some tamping with a 2 x 4 is required to make the box go down.

         Exhausted and a little "testy" after the funeral, the kids decide to have a few drinks once they get home.  Mary discloses that she's found an old letter in their father's effects in which a doctor  has diagnosed Rachel as being completely wacko.  The kids realize that unless they can get her into a retirement home immediately, one or another of them will be constantly forced to return to clean up the devastation she constantly leaves in her wake.   The problem is Rachel is not about to cooperate, and with her husband finally dead and now buried, she sees herself as the new head of the family.
       Stu realizes that what is needed is a coup.  They're going to have to get tough, but in order to do that they're first going to have to overcome their lifelong fear of her and the guilt she's made them carry all these years and allow themselves get just a little pissed off.  

Written By William Williamson    Contact Author


Log Line:

In this roller coaster ride of outrageous highs and lows, Steven Dunham, nicknamed Snoopy, graduates from college and leaves his home on the farm in Bloomfield, NY to build a business career in the thriving metropolis of Charlotte, NC. The mishap prone Snoopy mails hoards of resumes, flops on interviews, and gets his car vandalized repeatedly along the way.


In this roller coaster ride of outrageous highs and lows, Steven Dunham, nicknamed Snoopy, graduates from college and leaves his home on the farm in Bloomfield, NY to build a business career in the thriving metropolis of Charlotte, NC. The mishap prone Snoopy mails hoards of resumes, flops on interviews, and gets his car vandalized repeatedly along the way.

Finally, he gets a break working in the mail room for his old college nemesis, Wally Peterman, where he meets his dream girl. One day, he finds Wally in a bind and offers to work on a big project for him and Wally promises him a dream promotion if he comes through. Snoopy gives his project everything he’s got, but it just isn’t good enough or so it seems. Wally stabs him in the back and when the truth comes out, Snoopy must decide to risk his job and let the fireworks fly or bite his tongue and walk away. Only he knows what he must do next. –

Based on a true story. First of multiple scripts.

Written By: Mark Dennis      Contact Author


Al heads to a ghost town to be the lead zombie in a Gothic western. He discovers a secret passage into a ghost world and meets the woman of his dreams as well as the vicious gunslinger who covets her.

Written by: Kirby Wright  Contact Author

SEAWEED JESUS (Dark Comic Drama)

Father Sean rebels against the Church by satisfying his desires for sex, money, and violence. Unwilling to accept the Church's punishment and unable to resolve his love for a woman, he suffers a spiritual crisis. His self-imposed penance is to walk the coast of California. The brutality he suffers inspires a spiritual awakening and a vision of life-after-death.

Written by: Kirby Wright    Contact Author

INSANE DIEGO (Dark Comedy)

Welcome to a day in the life of the Kunch Brothers, two criminal brothers who live in desert with the older brother's fiancée. The Kunch Brothers act nonchalant during their San Diego crime spree because law enforcement has failed to apprehend them. Cat-and-mouse is ever present, but it intensifies when the black sheriff gets a tip. A chase ensues across the border, where the Kunch Brothers discover Hell-on-Earth.

Written By: Kirby Wright    Contact Author

Log Line:

Santa's got a brand new bag…er, a bag of tricks courtesy of the snooping eyes, noses and ears of the S.C.I.A. (Santa Claus Intelligence Agency) who are swooping down on Santa's gig to make sure he is truly the jolly ole chubby cherubic big guy who disperses bundles of joy once a year to those who are NOT naughty, but nice.  Rollicking adventures of S.C.I.A. agents that make spying on Santa a nasty funny business.


Join the team members of this nonprofit intelligence organization "behind the scenes" in their pursuit: To capture video evidence of Santa's Existence.  Bordering on the absurd, this crew of craniums diligently pursues their craft - as hunters of the unknown.  Whether it's tracking down Santa's "Naughty & Nice" Network, fingering Santa's covert operatives, or deciphering the correlation of Santa to the World's great wonders…  These guys don't miss a step along the way (okay maybe a few). This story follows the inner workings of a well-funded organization through the months leading up to Christmas, and their simple heartwarming findings on "the big day".  No cheap laughs.  This is a story for all ages. Playing on the plausibility of children's perceptions, and a keen adult wit, this film will both suspend disbelief and give a comical weapon for parents to evade those difficult questions surrounding the world's biggest holiday.  The Santa Claus Intelligence Agency consists of a second-generation "Santa hunter", a covert military operative, a reindeer specialist, and a couple of scientists willing to think "outside the box".  Includes: team member interviews, intimate "raw" footage, and some ambiguous conclusions.  Be prepared to engage in the enforcement of your child's curiosity and a suspension of your adult sensibilities.  By virtue of this fictional team's seriousness, you are sure to be in on the comedy.  Is it proof?  Perhaps.  Operation Santa…`tis the reason.

Written By: Mark Mahar, Luke Mahar, Adam Mahar, Stephen Nowell, Jr., Shawn Grajales, Wayne Golen       Contact Author


Log Line:

A kleptomaniac wakes up from a five-year coma to find that convicts are monitored and controlled via satellites.


Jack Murph, an amiable thirty year old computer programmer, has a life-long problem which dates back three generations of Murph's. He's a manic kleptomaniac. Jack has been stealing since before he was potty trained and he has a special fondness for stealing cars and watches. One day, his boss asks him to pick up a bracelet he ordered for his wife's birthday. Jack, afraid of entering jewelry stores due to his condition, asks Leon to pick up the bracelet for him for a negotiated fee. To Jack's dismay, Leon walks out the back door with the bracelet and disappears. Jack, forced to enter the jewelry store, winds up stealing a Rolex and a getaway Suburban. Minutes later… Jack finds himself on the receiving end of a Mack truck.

Exactly five years later - Jack wakes up from a coma and finds himself in the strange world of 2008. Jack needs to pay retribution for his past crimes and he is shipped to Hawk Island for tagging. This is a process where electronic devices are implanted in convicts hands, feet, head etc. Once tagged, all but the hardest of criminals are released back into society, so Jack is free to go. Jack learns that things are certainly different in 2008. For one thing --- Martha Stewart is now President of the United States! Bill Gates has lost everything and surprises Jack as his down and out cab driver!

Jack is now monitored by BIG SISTER. Women control the entire prison population. Would be thieves are watched via satellites and the gals at Big Sister have the ability and pleasure to control their assigned prisoners by electric shock, intense vibrations, burning, freezing, stunning and medicating them at their discretion - and they spare no voltage. To make matters worse for Jack, Donna heads up the monitoring division for Big Sister. It was her fiancée's Suburban Jack stole five years earlier and she blames Jack for ruining her one chance at marriage.

Jack discovers that his former best friend Scott stole an idea Jack had for new software called Video Buds. While Jack was in a coma, Scott took credit for the idea and turned Video Buds into a multimillion dollar corporation. What Jack doesn't realize is that Scott is also in cahoots with a covert section of Big Sister and has been helping them funnel money into overseas accounts. When Scott learns that Jack is back, he plots to have Jack framed by his seductive friend Roxy at Big Sister.

Jack finds himself an off the wall mentor in the form of Leon. He has also been tagged by Big Sister. He tells Jack that he once stole a shipment of computers and accessories from Big Sister. He also confiscated a pink disk which Jack, a programming wiz, decides to analyze.  What Jack discovers on the encrypted disks sends Jack and Leon on a mission to thwart Big Sister for good! They now have access to the covert overseas accounts and they will stop at nothing to thwart Big Sister.

But Big Sister is no easy target and Jack and Leon embark on a hilarious but often dangerous romp as they battle Scott and Roxy in their quest for justice. But Jack and Leon can not pull this off alone and Donna soon becomes their unwilling accomplice.

TAGGED gives us a hilarious peek at what the future may bring while Jack was sleeping.  The action and the laughs are non-stop and Jack and Leon prove to be the buddy team for the new millennium.

Written By: John Pizzo      Contact Author


Log Line:

A young woman comes to believe her sister is  trying to get pregnant by the wrong man - Satan.


Women get involved with the wrong men all the time. Tara Foster believes her sister Lynne's
wrong man is Satan. Lynne and Tara follow Seth Fellowes, a.k.a. The Prince of Darkness,
to-where else-Las Vegas, as he prepares to oversee construction on the largest movie studio
in the world. Tara feels responsible for the "crisis" at hand since it was she who introduced
Lynne to Fellowes, her boss at Millennium Studios. A fallen movie executive, Tara is
recuperating from a stint in rehab and some unpleasant publicity. Her former "boyfriend"
Jasper Cook, a hot young guy being hand-groomed for stardom, is also ensconced in Las
Vegas, waiting for his part in a Seth Fellowes film that is currently in pre-production.
Jasper's "support team," Mike and Gabe, are also along as bodyguard and personal
assistant, respectively. Tara has enlisted Joe, an aspiring playwright, as her aide-de-camp.
Tara believes it is her zealot's mission in life to prevent Lynne from her primary directive -
getting pregnant by Seth.

Written By: Victoria Alexander      Contact Author

THE BOTTOM LINE (dark, sexy comedy)

Log Line:

A raunchy "Weekend At Bernie's."


When a second-rate brothel hires a washed-up hypnotherapist to improve its sagging bottom line, it blooms into the most lucrative mirage in Nevada... that is until an infamous Hollywood actor winds up missing a limb and a pulse. Now the hypnotherapist and his new-found love must dispose of the corpse and uncover the celeb's killer before the rest of the world discovers their dirty little secret.

Written By: Mark Kratter      Contact Author


Log line:  

In this comedy set in the Bay Area, two ufologists, a struggling newcomer and an established star in the field, compete to get to the bottom of alien visitations at the home of a glamorous figure in the perfume industry.


Dr. Max Mascot and his partner Birch are struggling to make it as independent investigators in the world of ufology. During a ufology convention in San Francisco, the hugely successful Sanford Stoffer, popular for his theory that aliens are reincarnations of the dead, tries to recruit Birch for his organization. At the convention ball, a jealous Max creates a scene when he sees Birch dancing with Stoffer. Infuriated and frustrated, Birch walks out on Max. Max''s eager fan Gil promotes himself to Birch’s vacant position.

Also in the Bay Area, Crystal Muvlin, a glamorous celebrity in the perfume industry, is receiving nocturnal visitations from a mysterious creature. She is unaware that the creature is actually her spurned ex-husband, Doug Trench, in an alien costume. Doug, a failed actor, is determined to get revenge on his ex-wife by terrorizing Crystal and stealing her rare collectible decanters. Crystal’s assistant Helga calls Max onto the case.

Max’s first vigil turns into a disaster after he insults and humiliates Crystal’s VIP guest, French cologne maker Herv? St. Villiers. Crystal turns to Stoffer, who has teamed up with Birch, to finish the job. Stoffer conducts a s?ance to contact the extraterrestrial visitor. Crystal and Helga are convinced by the results but Max is determined to expose Stoffer as a charlatan. Stoffer’s preparations for his second s?ance are disrupted as Max and Gil set off a chain of events that leads to the unmasking of Doug as the visitation culprit.

Written By: Brian Henry       Contact Author