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-THE MYSTIC (pilot)
Angel crossed with The X Files." Eduardo Herrera had a vision of the
Blessed Virgin Mary and has become a very powerful healer and mystic
in his native country. When a masterful demon defeats Eduardo and
destroys his home, he sees it as a sign to move to New York with his
wife and 3 sons. He is funded and studied by a mysterious scientific
foundation seemingly intent on exposing him as a fraud. Eduardo
settles in a Hispanic community in New York and works among the
people. The demon has also come to New York and he likes the

written by: Victoria Alexander     Contact Author

WHAT'S COOKING (comedy-pilot)

Log Line:

Bring a big bib!  Lilly and Samantha will whet your appetite as the
hottest chicks in TinselTown!  They are Hollywood's Caterer's to the Stars
and they sure cook-up a mess of surrealist T.V.  It puts Designing Women in the kitchen on Food TV.


Lily St. James and Samantha Morgan (late thirties to late forties) grew up together in the heart of Louisiana.  Child-hood friends who shared a passion for cooking, went from making mud pies together to leading very different lives as they became adults. Lily was discovered by a fashion photographer on a street corner in London and became a very successful model.  Gracing some of the most famous magazine covers in the world. Samantha went to Paris to study haute' cuisine at the famed Cordon'Bleu. She returned to Louisiana's Cajun Country and opened her own restaurant
"The Beau Bayou".

Years later, the newly widowed, Lily is looking for a change of pace.  She visits her childhood friend, Samantha, herself recently divorced with a set of twins.  They team up to start the haute' cuisine catering venture that brings them the recognition as the hottest most sought after chicks in tinsel town. A producer dazzled by their combination of wit, humor and charm along with their incredible gift for food and decor, offers them their own prime-time television show, What's Cooking?

There are several subjects the show will focus on.

1.  The catering/event business. Experience the A-list parties and tinsel-   town events. You'll be invited to the most wacky theme get-togethers at bizarre and exotic locations.  Celebrity guests are not limited to Actors, Politicians, Sports Figures and the like.  Locations are considered celebrities as well, i.e. the State of Main featuring Main Lobster, New Orleans, for food and great music.  Other features: Tailgate Party at an NFL game, or the duo caters the Dallas Cowboys at training camp.  Just a few ideas.

The prime-time cooking show is set in Lily's fabulous kitchen.  A variety of celebrities share their culinary favorites on the show.  How some celebrities come to get on the show can turn out to be quite the story.

The individual characters in this ensemble cast are an entertaining bunch all their own.

The show lends itself to numerous product placements and would appeal to a wide variety of sponsors.

Other possibilities include: Interaction with the show and cast members on the "What's Cooking?" website.  What's Cooking? Cookware, Dishware, Logo wear etc.

Written By: Sandi Baughman     Contact Author