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FEVER COUNTRY   (Adventure period drama/true story)
Log line:  They gave their word - and there’s no turning back.


True story: 1891/93 - To keep a promise to a bishop, three hospital nurses take on the wilds of Africa and a new British colony on the brink of war.

Rose Blennerhassett, Lucy Sleeman and Beryl Welby defy the British navy and a Portuguese blockade to walk into history as the first white women to enter untamed Africa by the deadly east coast.
This is the story of their resolute trek across 190 miles of malaria swamps, crocodile-infested rivers, lion country and mountain ranges - much of the time with feet in bandages - their mission, to deliver precious quinine and open a first hospital in a land ravaged by fever.

And it is a story of a love doomed to tragedy in one of colonial Africa’s misguided but nonetheless heroic ‘Alamo-style’ stands against an implacable Matabele enemy, when Lucy’s beau, Captain Henry J. (Harry) Borrow attempts to rescue Major Allan Wilson and his 16-man Shangani Patrol.

Nota bene: the Matabele Rebellion of 1893 was the first time in history the Maxim machine gun was used in anger.

It’s African Queen meets The Alamo.

Written By: William Higham      Contact Author


A mystical epic action/adventure about a young Spanish heiress who becomes a shaman, fulfilling the prophecy of a savior known as the Jaguar Woman. Theresa struggles with her destiny to save the Jaguar People from the Spanish tyranny of 17th century New Granada.

Written By: Keith Rangel    Contact Author


Log Line:

Tourists go missing in a luxury African game reserve and the race for survival begins. The tourists naïve, the locals superstitious, the animals think they taste quite delicious . . . and the poachers are on their way.


“WARNING! Use of this picnic spot is entirely at your own risk.”

Another day . . . another illegal border crosser found eaten by predators. If it isn’t a dead tourist, the owner of this luxury game reserve doesn’t care.

TERRI NEFDT, an outgoing lion researcher from America, spends every waking minute tracking her lions in the bush. Game ranger, BRAD BROOKE, is not impressed by his fiancé’s reckless behaviour around these bloodthirsty killing machines. Every day Terri rides her bicycle, unarmed, through the reserve in broad daylight, and watches the prides from a distance close enough to smell their kills.
Head game ranger, JOHAN, has a few hungry lions locked away in an abandoned veterinary clinic. The right amount of starvation, coupled with the odd snack on border crossers Johan manages to capture, and you’ve got several mean man-eating menaces, waiting to be freed.

For British couple ELIZABETH and PETER PARIS, Africa was supposed to be a paradise lost where they could fall in love again. A wrong turn down a “no-entry” dirt road prompts an argument from marriage hell. Veronica slams her car door on Peter and chooses to walk back to camp. It isn’t long before she wanders from the road. Lost. Alone. And very afraid.

CATHERINE BENNING, a young teacher, arrives with her school group of rich, bratty LA kids. A day into the trip Catherine loses her cool and orders three of the children to pack their bags. On the way back to camp they swerve to miss and elephant and their car careers off the road. Alone in the wilderness, with only the car for safety, it’s not long before the scavengers arrive. Those hyenas are really fond of their tinned meat.

Johan’s goons make a fatal mistake and Terri follows her lion-tracking device right to the doorstep of the abandoned veterinary clinic. Johan surprises Terri, throws her in a cage till he decides what to do with her. It’s time for Johan to put his plan into action.

The lion attacks begin. First on a night drive, followed by a picnic spot, then back at camp. Workers and tourists depart en-masse.

Brad is on the trail of the missing school children, and on the lookout for Elizabeth. Left to die in the bush by Johan, Terri crosses dangerous terrain to find help, finding Elizabeth along the way. Terri and Brad meet up and accompany the lost tourists back to camp where they are airlifted to safety.

Then the poachers arrive and it’s up to Brad and Terri to stop them.
Remember, this is Africa . . . where they cage the people and let the animals roam free.

Written By: Robert Devillers    Contact Author


Log Line:

When terrorists seize a donor heart intended for the President of the
United States, it is up to transplant surgeon Dr. Karen Rainey to save
the President's life.


Dr. Karen Rainey has a patient who is dying.  He is a devoted husband and father. He is the President of the United States.  In a small medical center in a remote area of Pennsylvania, a businessman has been declared brain dead.  Actually… he has been murdered.  With a rare blood type, his donor heart is the President's only chance of survival.   Security is at its highest level. The President's life and the fate of the nation remain in the balance and absolutely nothing has been left to chance.  Notorious militant Ramon Salizar and his band of terrorists seize control of the donor heart destined for the President. They want a deal.   The Vice President is summoned to the White House situation room. The unorthodox and free styled FBI Special Agent Rick West is sent on a seek and destroy mission to the aid of Dr. Rainey.  Ramon Salizer demands the release of his cousin Enrique Diego from prison and one hundred million dollars if they want the donor heart returned.   Action and takedowns ensue in a highly hostile battle.  Dr. Rainey has FOUR HOURS to recover the donor heart and perform the surgery on the President, before the donor heart is no longer viable.  The terrorists capture FBI Special Agent West. The clock is ticking...louder than ever at every dangerous turn. Heartbeats away...

Written By: John Pizzo    Contact Author


Log Line:

Lung-Wang, an urban wild child, finds a friend and mentor in First Master Jason Quan, a modern-day Knight who teaches him another side of life through hands-on martial arts and by sharing the personal history of the warriors of the Order of the Dragon. Together, they battle their mutual nemesis, an evil tyrant named Ferdinand St. George.


It is said that dragons lurk within your dreams, and you must learn to battle them or embrace them, or they’ll get the best of you. Whichever you choose, use your mind and spirit, for brute force alone will never conquer a dragon, nor will intellect by itself interest him. You must engage the dragon, be he friend or foe, as an equal in mind, body, and spirit.

This is the challenge presented to young LUNG-WANG, an urban wild-child. To embrace the dragon within, and learn to share that spirit with the world in which he survives. To lift himself out of the darkness of a life of ignorance and degradation, and step into the celestial world of the Warriors of the Order of the Dragon.

To that end, Lung-Wang finds a friend and mentor in one of his would-be robbery victims, JASON QUAN. Jason, himself, has a distant past reminiscent of Lung-Wang’s. He is the son of a half Asian-half White woman, with no idea who his father is. Rather than bowing to the life he seemed destined to, Jason met the challenge of the Order of the Dragon, and now is a knight in good standing within the mysterious organization. He is a Warrior of the 22nd Degree, with the title of First Master, and as such, it is time for him to take on his first pupil. Destiny leads the young man to Lung-Wang’s neighborhood, where they form a bond through the unplanned exchange of the ancient diaries of former members of the Order of the Dragon.

Like the young “Kwai Chang Caine” of KUNG-FU, Lung-Wang begins to learn about responsibility, morality, and trust through the modern-day action of the weekly stories, and the history shared through flashbacks in the ancient texts of the Dragon Warriors. But his biggest stumbling block in his quest for a new life are his ties to the old one.

FERDINAND ST. GEORGE is the crime-boss in this city, and he controls everything and everyone trapped in the desolate slum. His key to control over Lung-Wang is his threat to kill the boy’s perpetually-drugged prostitute mother.

Taking a page from the ancient Dragon texts, Lung-Wang summons up the bravado to attempt to free his mother from the clutches of Ferdinand St. George, just as a Dragon Warrior from the past freed his mother from a life of slavery. But events go awry, leaving Lung-Wang with no mother at all. As they say, when one door closes, another opens... And the loss of his mother frees Lung-Wang’s spirit, giving him the opportunity to begin studies with Jason Quan. This turn of events infuriates Ferdinand St. George, who has a secret past with Jason Quan, and bad blood runs thickly between the two.
This triangle of struggle provides a weekly arena for the morality play of life. Much like the stories of KUNG-FU, HIGHLANDER, and CROW: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN, each new episode brings questions of life, death, decency, redemption, revenge, guilt, trust, joy, and spiritual awareness to the forefront of the viewer’s mind, asking us each to learn the lesson with Lung-Wang and contemplate how we touch the lives of others.

Written By:  Kym Hackenberger & Melody Lowe       Contact Author


Log Line:  Billions of dollars are up for grabs because of one, long forgotten gallant gesture in a convenience store.


Adventure story of family man deep in the throes of a tragedy and total financial ruin, who then unexpectedly gets sucked into a life and death struggle with ruthless movers and shakers over their botched billion dollar lottery scam.

Written By: Wally Ratican        Contact Author