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Log line:
Alien rivals square off in a final showdown on Earth’s largest asteroid colony for control of all mankind.  Think - the Good, the Bad and the Technology


An illegal act of cloning resurrects ancient rivals as Aurora and Rodney Blade. Rodney must kill Aurora before she turns twenty-one and gains her full powers. Marked for death she flees into the asteroids for safety and is befriended by a meteor miner where she learns life’s a grind and filled with surprises as her powers grow. Rodney hounds Aurora across space where he maneuvers her into a final confrontation with the fate of the universe up for grabs.

Written By: Tom Keptner       Contact Author

Log Line:
In the year 2099, a 22-year-old rookie in the Suicide Prevention Corps of America must become a reluctant rebel hero in order to foil his televangelist father''s plot to keep America permanently under the heel of a religious dictatorship.

Set in the final months of the year 2099 in an America living under a religious dictatorship, SOULSAVER tells the story of its initially innocent 22-year-old protagonist, JUAN BAUTISTA LORCA.

Because of miserable living conditions caused by the overcrowding and pollution that has built up over the past hundred years, the suicide rate has skyrocketed. Yet, because killing oneself is against the law, members of the Suicide Prevention Corps of America (SPCA) -- in which Juan Bautista is a rookie officer -- labor daily to freeze and resurrect what the ruling theocracy labels "soulkillers," who are then tried, convicted, and punished for their sin.

You couldn't find a more fervent believer in the status quo than Juan Bautista. But clashes with corruption behind the government's gleaming ultra-religious facade -- along with intimations from Juan's 33-year-old SPCA partner FABIOLA MU-OZ of sinister forces operating behind the scenes -- undermine Juan's certainty in the things he's been brought up to believe are true.

As the century rumbles to a close, rumors run rife that the End of the World is imminent and the Second Coming is already at hand. The authorities move ruthlessly to hunt down and eliminate the so-called Twin Messiahs, 12-year-olds EMMA and NOEL, and to neutralize their followers, who the media have baptized the New Christer or Double Jesus Cult and of which Juan Bautista is shocked to discover his partner Fabiola is secretly a member.

When the nation's dictator, the beautiful and beloved SHEPHERDESS, outlaws the New Christers and declares the Twins the Antichrists, Juan Bautista is recruited by ARCHBISHOP MALPICA to play the role of double agent. To find out where the Twins are hiding and turn them in, Juan will gain Fabiola's confidence by making her think she''s converted him to the cult.

The pressure on Juan grows when the popular and powerful REVEREND JIMMY DIVINE, who fathered him but never publicly acknowledged that paternity, informs him that people in high places are counting on him to locate Emma and Noel before the end of the world comes at midnight, December 31, 2099 -- less than a week away.

Juan wishes his faith could be as strong as that of his new bride. Lovely 23-year-old ANGELA AMADOR, harbors no doubts about anything. Juan is pushed to the breaking point when Fabiola leads him to the Twins, only to turn up dead the next morning -- by her own hand, according to the official report; murdered by the Shepherdess's minions, according to FATHER RENÉ, Juan Bautista's confessor.

Shaken, Juan Bautista confronts Jimmy Divine about the murder, but the preacher argues rings around the confused Juan and turns him again. Jimmy Divine introduces Juan Bautista to the Shepherdess, who, even as she silkily seduces the boy, confides that the Lord has told her to entrust herself to him, for he is the key to the nation's salvation.

While she sleeps, Juan discovers the number 666 -- the symbol of the Antichrist -- tattooed under the Shepherdess's arm. In a panic, he flees to Emma and Noel's hideout, where he challenges them to prove they really are the Children of God by bringing Fabiola back to life. They go along -- but when the moment of truth arrives, it is Juan, not the Children, who resurrects the woman.

How can this be? Who is he, that he is capable of working miracles? Or, Juan wonders, is everything mirrors and smoke, and is he being tricked again?

Juan follows the Children's instructions to disclose their whereabouts to Archbishop Malpica. In a bloody skirmish with the Children's followers, the government's storm troopers -- the Avenging Angels -- capture the Twins.

Juan is stunned to learn that the Children are to be executed just before midnight, December 31, 2099, at the climax of Jimmy Divine's spectacular end-of-the-world revival meeting, which will be broadcast worldwide.  That night, in the midst of hundreds of thousands of the faithful, Juan, Angela and the resurrected Fabiola watch helplessly as the frozen bodies of the Children are consumed by a pillar of flames. But this is only a prelude to Jimmy Divine's most stunning surprise -- the true Messiah, he proclaims, is none other than the Shepherdess!

Juan is horrified and enraged. If this travesty is successful, it will mean the enthronement of evil in the guise of good for centuries to come. But what can he do to stop it?  The same miraculous power that enabled him to bring Fabiola back to life boils up inside him. At his command, the earth trembles, hurricanes howl, and the sun itself blazes across the midnight sky from horizon to horizon.

Terrified, the faithful sink to their knees. Even the Shepherdess whispers, awestruck, "Truly these were the Children of God."

Juan Bautista commands Jimmy Divine to show his true self and America's Most Beloved Preacher stands revealed as Satan himself -- the Father of Lies incarnate. Jimmy Divine acknowledges defeat -- though only for the moment -- and vanishes in a fiery explosion.

News reports confirm that the world has become a different place. Regional wars halt, bitter long-standing conflicts are settled, countries previously divided reunify, peace and understanding reign everywhere. The world that previously existed has come to an end.

Juan Bautista visits the Children's mother, MARHA DE DIOS, to offer his condolences and discovers that Emma and Noel have returned, alive and well. Juan has many questions, but the biggest one is this: "If Jimmy Divine was the Devil, and he was my father, what does that make me?"

"Human," Emma and Noel answer, adding, "You think you are the Son of Satan, the Antichrist. Out of all humankind, why do you think we chose you? Because if even the child of Lucifer can be saved, then men must know there is hope for all."

Juan returns to Angela. But that night, in what seems to be a dream, he is transported to a hellish plain where Jimmy Divine takes one last stab at winning him over, seductively appealing to Juan's deepseated need for a father's love and approval.

Juan is sorely tempted, but finally realizes that Jimmy Divine has nothing to offer but lies. Seizing control of his life for the first time, Juan rejects this final temptation and finds himself transported back to his bed and the arms of his pregnant wife to face one lingering doubt -- is the child in his wife's belly his ... or his father's?

RECOGNITIONS: I adapted the screenplay of "Soulsaver" from my novel of the same name, which was published by Harcourt in 2000, won Europe’s top literary award for science fiction novels, was named "Best First Novel 2000" by The Denver Rocky Mountain News and listed as one of the "Best Books of the Year 2000" by both that newspaper and The San Francisco Chronicle, is recommended by The New York Review of Books’ Readers’ Catalog, was published in translation in Spain in 1998 and will be published in translation in France in late 2003.

Written By:  James Stevens-Arce      Contact Author

THE SPIRITIC  (sci-fi/fantasy)

Log line:   ''If they can’t destroy it -- they’ll have to outthink it''


A biologist and a diplomat - touched by the galaxian gods - are all that stand in the way of a lethal viral entity’s imminent invasion of the known worlds.

This is the journey of university biologist Rom Voadacea, half-Numorkian (human emigres from 23rd century Earth) and half-Genal (alien tribe of planet Numork, in the Cronal Tura galaxy).
To help her, fate recruits Kru Sigor, a reclusive former military man, now philosopher and artist. On separate and jeopardous paths, Voadacea and Sigor, with ever-dawning realization of their unfolding destinies, rush towards a fateful rendezvous in a war-torn antipodal star system (the Jupolian galaxy) and a showdown with an ancient blood enemy, Esadov. The clock, as they say - is ticking.

Written by: William Higham    Contact Author

Log Line:
Worlds-the physical, spiritual, and astral-collide as a woman, a boy, and the spirit of an ancient Hawaiian Kahuna seek to destroy the ultimate in Evil.
Seventeen year old Keoni Stevens, hears his teacher talk about "the legend
of the Flyers", local Kahuna lore. According to the legend, the ancient
tribe achieved justice upon their enemies while in an astral state. Keoni's
only agenda involves getting good grades and his doctor father's
attention.  Keoni becomes fascinated with the thought of astral projection.
With the help of friends Katie, the class brain, and Tyler, the perpetually
horny class clown, his first attempt to project out of himself fails. Later, alone
in his own bed; he has an out of body experience. He begins his
"walk between the worlds" with a Kahuna spirit guide called Palenana.
Keoni soon learns that Palenana has his own agenda. A covert branch of
the CIA has been experimenting with the ancient sacred rite of
Palenana's tribe, and combined with an experimental psychotic drug
called "Dreamhit", has produced a team of assassins trained to kill
political enemies while in an astral state.  Alec Keres, one of the trainees,
has gone insane from the drug, and is on a murderous rampage, with his
own hit list.  Jennifer Wesley, Special Operations Agent, is determined to
stop Keres before the world learns of the CIA's involvement in the
murders.  While Jennifer is hot on Keres' physical trail, Palenana and
Keoni hunt, and are hunted by, Keres on the astral plane. In a race
against time, Keoni becomes the reluctant hero who must destroy the  ultimate evil.

Written By: Debra Brezina      Contact Author

BEDLAM (Sci-fi/horror/action)

Group of rich teenagers goes to secluded ghost town to party, when they encounter zombies raised from the dead by deranged doctor. Mayhem ensues in their bid to escape town.

Written By: Mike D. Burns     Contact Author