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CRY OF THE PHOENIX   (true story)

Before the age of 23 he had killed 77 human beings in cold blood. And with each kill his boss praised his tenacity and ability to get the job done. They would often share a cigar and coffee while discussing his latest hit.

Jake was a hit man for "Uncle Sam"--the best assassin the infamous "Phoenix Program" in Vietnam had. The Phoenix Program? A government black ops designed to take out the enemy one on one, face to face. The Phoenix Program was so covert that even few of the higher-ups in the government and military knew that it existed.

Jake was young and innocent when he volunteered for the Marines and went to Vietnam. He was still young and innocent when he was recruited to be an assassin, only he was told that he was in training to be a sniper --nothing about an assassin. And that's when he lost his innocence and transformed into a cold blooded killer, without compassion or conscience --or so they told him, and so he thought.

This is his story. A man changed and destroyed by the military's desire to win at all costs, and in doing so they snatched Jake's soul. But they couldn't destroy it. As he tells a "partner", "God closed the book on me a long time ago. The only one who knows I'm here is the devil, and he ain't talkin'." But Jake fought to reunite with his God and find his faith again. He fought to reclaim his compassion and conscience--and he won.

This is a gut wrenching, heart breaking, story of one man's survival in the most vicious of places and times. It is also a heart warming story of a redemption. It is provocative and evocative. A story that needs to be told. Must be told. To this day few people know about the infamous Vietnam "Phoenix Program."  It's time they did.

Captain Ballard: Peter Onorati

Jake: Dale "Mad Dog" Messmer (older Jake) This is in fact Dale's story. Dale is also an actor: commercial and features.

Producers: Richard Brennan
                      Margo Prescott

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